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I don't have ADD-

Wait, what was that?

Kita (the spazzy one)
1 April 1984
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Hey. You guys might know me as Kita, the crazy half of Lithium Delusions. Subu talked me into getting an account. I love Kakairu, smutty yaoi and mpreg (I don't know why, I just do, okay!)

I don't mind if you want to friend me to read my fiction or because I amuse you, just know that I only friend people back if A) I know them, B) We've met on one of the comms and we get along, or C)If it's someone whose fiction and/or life I enjoy reading about.

I will not friend a blank journal and if your profile says nothing more than username, gender and birthday, well that's right out too. Sorry folks, I prefer real people.